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View live information about your favorite Minecraft servers, directly from Discord.

Know what's going on in your favorite servers

CraftServer is the Discord bot that's always ready to give you accurate, up-to-date information about any public Minecraft server, without compromising speed.

The /view command makes it simple to get instant information about a server's online status, how many people are playing, and more.

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Status feeds are the best way to stay up-to-date about what's going on in a Minecraft server. They'll frequently update with the latest info, and checking them is as simple as opening Discord.

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View everything from Minecraft,
Without leaving Discord.

Spend less time waiting for Minecraft to start just to check on a server. Send a CraftServer command to immediately view everything accessible from the Minecraft multiplayer screen.

View info about your server without starting up Minecraft. Easily check if your server is online. See how many others are playing. Let people know what version to play on.

CraftServer uses Lunar Client's server database to improve your status results. When viewing compatible servers, see pretty, human readable names instead of addresses made for computers.
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Connecting Discord to Minecraft:
It's never been this easy.

CraftServer is designed to work for a variety of uses. See how it could improve your Discord server, whether you're building a Minecraft-related community or a chat for your friends.

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